Kewl title

It’s not my fault, I know

That doesn’t make it okay 

You let me down easy

Let me down 

You feel nothing when I felt so much

Wore my heart on my sleeve until I put it in your hand 

I wish it wasn’t so hard to breathe

So hard to stand 

I’m damaged goods, don’t worry I’ve grown used to not being good enough 

Letting the tears well, but no more than one will fall 

What’s more draining, love or hate? 

Both are the same when you’re dealing with heartbreak 

I feel free

The days blend together, and I forget what it was like to care about your day 

Worry if you’re okay 

Even when you’re the one who begged me to walk away 

Give up any hope or reason or will I had to stay 

Is it that I can only truly connect with those who understand 

You want to feel what we feel, but you can’t

Who knew a simple life could leave you craving tragedy 

I’ll see you at my funeral 

She thought hopefully 

We won’t grow apart anymore

We don’t have to wonder what it’s like to become strangers 

We already are 

I believed in you

When you stop believing in fairytales the magic is gone

You choose to be a realist

I’ll choose to move on


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