cropped-cropped-cropped-img_43131.jpgWho knew I had trust issues? Afraid of my own reflection, and questioning everyone’s intentions. Seeking out a solitude, friendship, in people that matter. People that care. People without the disgression to hide what they truly yearn to share.

I’m growing up, and that’s the most difficult to admit because the moment I stop claiming to be a kid. I guess I’m not a kid.

The struggles I face daily through reality clouded by judgement made hazy with crutches I can’t afford mentally. But I am here still. I am well, and I miss the day where it was okay to be ignorant to the negatives surrounding you, but now they’re boxing me in, and it’s clear they can no longer be ignored. This isn’t a game. Relationships are about more, and love isn’t something you toss like an old Rubik’s cube when you get bored.

Love is the toy you keep because it means something. It’s more than a tiny bit of nostalgia on a dusty old shelf; it’s sentimental, and even brings fulfillment and a sense of self.



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