death is our only friend 

I relive that car accident every time I drive home

These back roads a constant reminder of the fear that comes with this contentness in being alone 

I’m back there in my hospital bed

Weak and as white as the demons in my head

What I would have gave for just a piece of toast 

Withering away, I wanted to stay that way

To think tomorrow is a day no one has to face 

Overwhelmed with decisions I didn’t get to make 

I could make it

To learn the hard way is to never learn at all

What’s the point? 

The universe foreshadows the next scene, but you ignore it because the idea of control is just so damn pleasing 

Does it affect your ego that at the end of your last day, everything else will still be here

Everyone will go on unaffected, they’ll pretend your loss made them change, and go on staying the same 

the show will go on

And I won’t miss anyone

Nonexistent, not thinking about anyone you’ll think about me everyday, and the life I could’ve lived 

No Snapchat stories, no stupid blog, 

Just her dog, and your memories on a rough draft you already rewrote in the name of pride and saving face 

Maybe the easy way out isn’t always wrong

What would it be like to wake up, and I’m already gone 

Deja vu 

You stayed in bed, I guess that says it all


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