I told you one night we were going for a drive, you were hesitant, but we still did. You followed me out to my shiny white car, and we drove and we drove and then. I took you to this spot in the middle of the road, that one with the super cool view, and I kissed you where I kissed all of them. All the ones before that broke my heart just a little bit with minimal breath and short lived stays we never saw through.
I took you to my high school, and we walked through the dark and we talked and we talked until the eery lights sent me running scared to the car where we left it just parked on the black top in the dark, and then I took you home. 

We sat there quiet, you gave me a kiss and asked if I was staying, and I said I had to go. It was three in the morning, I was tired, exhausted but I didn’t want to ruin the night, the night I fell in love. So I drove home. 
I know that’s not how it happened for you. I won’t ruin the rest of your memory, I’ll stay far away, and when I get drunk I’ll just go to sleep. I won’t text you. I won’t miss you. I don’t wish you would’ve stayed. I won’t let you taint anymore of me, or complain about how I romanticized you, I’ll romanticize your memory, and just hope that every once in awhile you might think of me too. You’ll miss me like I miss you. But I’ll be gone. 
Romanticizing new memories with someone else in a town you’ve never set foot. I’ll follow my dreams and romanticize me, and love myself continuing to allow my sleeve to carry my heart. And my words to flow like an art. 
They couldn’t change me. You could’ve, but didn’t. So thank you for all I’ve done right, and thank you for all you’ve done wrong. I love you, and as delusional and misguided I am all I can hope is that you smile when you hear this song. Thank you for the taste of love you gave me, and don’t forget I loved you all along.

All it takes is a car ride, a smile, some music, empty streets in the middle of the night, sharing nostalgia with someone who just might, care. When I remember us; I’ll remember us there. On empty streets in the dead of night from my small town to the city streetlights where I’ve never felt more alive, where I’ve never felt more aware. 


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