In bed listening to Bear Your Mind 

Wish you’d bear yours with me

This vocalist reminds me of how your voice sounds

I can’t picture your face

Scrolling through pictures that remind me of all our bad days 

Wish we’d had more time

But we’re nothing, and I forget if we ever were

Because you don’t think about me, and I’m trying hard to be mature 

I don’t hate you; you must know that by now

But it’s easier than the truth 

That you’re moved on, and I’ll never be through

I know you think you’ve got me figured out; wish I could fool you into thinking I won’t always be around 

And you’re convinced I romanticized nothing

It wasn’t nothing; it’s just I’m not the one you fantasized about 

And it wasn’t fair 

You won’t apologize about lying about love because it wasn’t a lie 

Move on, only you can bring up the past 

Under the covers eating ice cream, 

I miss your bed, 

I miss your Mom’s quilts, and the ice from your fridge 

This isn’t my bed 

I’m not alone 

Why are you still in my head,

And why am I on my phone?

I’m just staring at Reddit.

I don’t even care about Reddit.


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