Wanting to feel so much, but falling a little short

You think it’s you, think that I need more

We haven’t spoke in weeks, but maybe we can be just friends

Maybe this rollercoaster doesn’t have to end 
Stick around because I’m scared of losing who you are 

Scared of missing your touch

Miss you riding in my car

I won’t miss how you kiss me goodnight 

I’ll steal a few more in the name of goodbye
But I don’t

I don’t miss you at all

Tell myself I did no wrong

sometimes I know your right 

Like that one time when we argued about when Michael Jackson died 

It was 2009 

It was 2009

It was 2009

My feelings are there, so why do I feel the need to hide 

Why can’t I picture the love you see 

when I’m thinking of you; am I just really thinking of me 

Who I am with you

Who I could be without these strings 

Without ties

Without sleeping by your side 

All of the lies I have and haven’t told

And all the things you do wrong

I want you here, but I’ll push you away, 

if I can feel what you feel, for someone else 
Why should I stay


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