Everyone is inferior to us

All we do is argue 

Nobody’s listening 

Not even me, especially not you,

I’m impulsive and in my head too much,

When I stop thinking about me,

I’m left with nothing but disappointment and disgust 
I guess I’ll just have to live with it,

Hope is a predator that just makes me lie to myself 

The fantasy land I live in is ripping at the seams

And the the worst grudge I’ll hold will probably be

To you whom force me to deal with reality 

I like the land in my head, the one lacking lust, lies, and mistrust 

I hate that you don’t understand how I thought you did 

I’m terribly sorry for romantasizing this 

I have to or my heart will rust

That’s what happens when you live in this world

This world of heartache and explosions

Liars and fame

Everything is a game 

And there’s no where to run 

No one to trust

Reality sucks


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