Her curly hair and scattered freckles teach me not to judge a book by it’s cover.

She’s kind, thoughtful, and the life of the party,

But I’m so glad I’ll never have to see her look at me how she stares at the table when she’s in her head 

We’re playing a game, but she’s over it, and she can’t help but let her eyes gloss and cheeks turn red,

I wonder what she’s thinking about, and now I know 

Everyone has a dark side, and those without it crave one 

They’ll push you away, and you’re just running from your past, trying to save them

She knows what it’s like to sit up at night, and think about all of the reasons she has to cry, but doesn’t. 

I think she even knows what it’s like to question God… 

To ask him why she isn’t loved, to ask him why nothing she does is enough. 

Why the pain won’t stop..

Her eyes are dry, her smile is wide, all so that we can all have one more try. 

Because your worth it. 

She didn’t go through all of this for no reason. 

She’s my bestfriend

She understands what it’s like, and I hope she knows how much she’s needed. 

Her struggles and vulnerability are more than appreciated. 


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