What do I deserve?

Your nerve?

I guess but you should know

It’s not about you

It never has been

It’s just who I am as a person

Not afraid to be vulnerable 

Not afraid of falling

Not afraid that you’ll stop calling 

You won’t

It’ll eat you up

Your insides decaying as you’re reminded how much you’re not worth my time

Knowing that I don’t know what to say, I can’t bring myself to respond, I wish that the longer you stayed on my mind the more glad I’d be you’re gone 

I’m not

You’ll live with this 

Live with how much I love myself more than I- no- you could ever love you 

I’m sorry I loved you more than you do

But I’m still writing, you think..

Thinking about you and all the things I should and shouldn’t do 

Could’ve or should’ve done 

Congratulations, you’re free, single, alone, happy I hope, without me

Required to feel nothing 

Is it working? 


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