My blog the movie: Crying over Vans 

I know what you like

And you know how I think

You use all the best parts of me to break me underneath 

It hurts especially remembering how you grit your teeth 

Kept quiet while I cried

It broke my heart the most how when I tried to see through you, looking in your eyes how I usually do, they were empty inside 

Darkest shade of green I’ve ever seen 

During the day I’m great, one hundred times better than okay everyday 

I get what I deserve 

But at night and alone I can’t help but crave your warmth 

I try to put away my phone. But I can’t lie, it’s hard. Hating you for all the flaws I blindly fell in love with because you made me feel special like maybe I was different… 
You looked at me like art, made me feel like I was the only happy song written by angry bands like The Story So Far. 
Please don’t text back, let me paint you black, it’s the only hope I have.


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