Stay when I tell you to go 

I love when someone uses the word “nice” to describe another. It’s so polite. What a delicate useless word. A lot of girls when describing themselves or the guy they want to end up with use that word. Nice. Well that would be nice wouldn’t it. If that’s what really mattered to us. If it really made an impact when we met someone “nice.” All I really can think of as that word echoes through my head is mediocrity. Then again when I add up the hours literally on a calculator all of the time I spend with people who aren’t “nice”…I am wasted. I am wasting myself on you, one of many or maybe just a few that notice how seldom I think of myself. 
I miss how it feels to be hurt by people I care about less than myself. Rinse wash repeat. Maybe I wrote that backwards, or maybe you’re just conditioned to assume instead of understand. 


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