Breathe for one minute 

I haven’t written in awhile. I stop when I feel illusions of happiness creep in. Maybe I am happy. I have a great job and so many people that love me. But, when I look around this room all I see is a bad spray tan coating my mascara marked hands, and all I feel…

be taught, not told

Something blue, something borrowed. She was stubborn. She was weak; held prisoner to emotional defeat. Failure is a difficult guarantee, but even worse when you’re failing on purpose just to induce pain within. I wonder if we build a tolerance with each hardship experienced, so that life feels as if it’s incomplete if not epic….

To fail is to admit defeat

They say conflict builds character. I can’t help but to force a bright filter on the future, and assume positive intent in the most abhorrent moments of instant gratification. My emotions are as unpredictable as San Francisco weather.  What am I missing? 

Stay when I tell you to go 

I love when someone uses the word “nice” to describe another. It’s so polite. What a delicate useless word. A lot of girls when describing themselves or the guy they want to end up with use that word. Nice. Well that would be nice wouldn’t it. If that’s what really mattered to us. If it…