Once upon a time…

There was a girl who believed in everyone & everything so deeply. She believed mistakes were worth making. She made them without hesitation in an attempt to learn because her experience taught her that struggling was normal. She forgave without a need for apologies. She loved to no end. A part of her though was still just an emotional insecure kid terrified of what the next day might hold, let alone the future. All she ever wanted was someone to believe in her; someone that wouldn’t force the doubts into her mind that she spent so much energy and time pushing away. 

At some point you have to stop making the same mistakes, and actually learn something. That’s what it means to be an adult I think. Simply identifying things in yourself that you want to be better. I don’t mean things you want to be better at, like cooking or playing an instrument. More like attributes I’d say. 

I don’t want to make anymore mistakes; I don’t want to accept anymore of them either. I want to step onto a pedestal and humbly decline “good enough.” I can be better. Just because people let you down doesn’t mean you stop believing in them. It just means that if you care you remind them what it’s like to believe in themselves. And if you don’t you let them go.

Tink can’t be what Peter needs her to be if he stops believing. 

And when everyone stops believing, she dies. I think that’s why the closest thing to pixies in our world are fireflies. 


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