Don’t throw Steve away just yet

Yesterday, I didn’t cry. I can’t be sad or upset; you didn’t throw away our connection. We just need boundaries to build a real foundation. One based on friendship. It’s nice to know I won’t lose my friend, and even better to know you’re not sticking around for just the sex. 

Don’t take away my false hope, neither one of us knows what the future holds. I would hate you if I could. I can. But for now I won’t. Love is just another choice, and I don’t care if it annoys you or you don’t know why, but I’ll choose you every time. I promised myself I’d stay, so you’ll never get to call me the one that got away. You’re right but so am I, and you’ve known that all along.  Maybe I’ll change my mind, maybe you’ll never change yours, and one day you’ll prove me wrong. Or maybe you’ll find that cool outros are not for every song. 

Not ours. 


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