Happy Birthday Baby

2/20/17 11:08 AM 

You are a killer, and I am your bestfriend, The me you see in me is a worthwhile standard to live up to
Let’s be clear though

There’s only us
I don’t want to fix you

I don’t even want to fix me

I like my sort of tattered overly emotional self esteem

The important thing is I never forget what it feels like to believe

Right now I’m just wrapped up in how it feels to bleed

I think sometimes it’s okay to give into the pain

Give into your dark side and just listen to the rain

Ask me what it’s like to love a tin man 

Investing his time in me, but allowing lingering thoughts and what ifs attack all chances of happiness

I’m here

Physically, emotionally, you can blame it all on me, but you must know how your actions and words have torn at me 

Now I am worn 

A dumbfounded scarecrow with no concept of time

You try because I’m worth it

But duct tape can’t fix your crime

You won’t commit because you know how quickly the guilt of emotional infidelity would sink in 

And it’s okay

It’s just it’s hard to believe in myself, when I let you be the barer of my love the most sacred thing I have to give

When did I start thinking it was okay to let others control how I live 

I’m breaking

I feel like it’s time to move on

But the strings holding me here are to tight 

Please just tune your guitar, 

Sing me a song

Tell me everything will be alright 

I wish the Delorean would present its self to you, so you could catch up to me

Come live in the present, be free of the past you willingly left behind

While you miss her; I’m left here in your house, in your bed, trying not to cry, putting on more makeup to cover up the red

You tell me I’m better than I give myself credit

I wonder what lead me to feel like less 

The next two days are all I have left

Ever heard the saying, “build a bridge & get over it?” 

We will, thanks to the Bay Area for making my metaphors, literal 

Make new memories

So that when I’m gone maybe a thing or two will make you think of me 

I’ll never be the one that got away

For some reason for you I’ve learned one trait I’ve never had before 


And the will to stay

I’ll calm down now, today’s a big day

Do yourself a favor though and stop encouraging me to move away 

My dreams will present themselves when I’m ready 

I’m still learning who I am and who I want to be

I’m clairvoyant, sentimental, and a little off, but I do love myself today

I know it’s your birthday, but it’s my favorite city that awaits 

Time to get ready 

Where there’s a will there’s a way


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