Learning to learn on my own terms


Do you ever think about how much information is really out there? Or should I say here alone? As in the “world wide web.” I use a device not much bigger than my palm everyday. I use it to connect with others directly or indirectly through alike interests. I use it to determine what restaurant I’ll go to next. I use it while I travel to create the best possible vacation possible based on other people’s detailed experiences involving reviews and pictures. Calculating, planning, connecting, listening, learning.

Unpopular opinion: I firmly believe in conspiracy theories. I know, vague statement. You would assume I’m naive or illogical. You may still think so after  I explain myself. All the way back to my first memory I remember it being instilled in me how important an education is. As I’ve grown up though, gone through the twelve phases of grade school, and attended a few semesters of college I’ve realized an education doesn’t need to come from a school. Institutions of learning turned  into factories made to pump out students with diplomas, and degrees. How many people do you meet in college that are there performing their general ed in hopes of retaining a degree at the end of their four-five years? How many students are actually there to learn?

Schools are an institution here to teach you a way to learn a specific subject, and deem you qualified to society based on a certain standard. People should be learning to question what they don’t understand, not accept it as law. We’re all so frustrated about people sharing “fake news” or “alternative facts” without even doing as much as reading whats written. Isn’t that what we’re taught to do though throughout our entire childhood? Listen and learn. Understand what is told to you is true, and take tests so they know you were paying attention.

I’m not saying there aren’t teachers out there who want to help young minds grow.

Just in my experience the majority of teachers are there to teach you to adapt not advance. Even that is no one’s fault. There’s someone telling them what to do, and someone above them doing the same. We need more freedom in democracy. Freedom within our careers to change the system and grow as much as our personal and group intellect allows. We need to attempt to allow kids to stay kids forever. Allow them to keep their carefree beliefs that anything is possible. No dream is too large. Because with that belief, and the opportunity to learn individually tailoring the knowledge they ingest to a personalized original “lesson plan” I naively believe that anything is possible.



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