Motivation @ Midnight

(Click the “#motivationalmidnight” link at the end of this post to watch an awesome Ted Talk from Eduardo Briceno)

With this new blog I aim to get to know myself better as a writer, and as a woman. I’ll write about whatever pops in my head here, and update my current events section once every week or two. 
I want to hold myself accountable, not only to write everyday, but to improve as a writer and artist. 

I want this to be more than a blog. I value traditions, and art. I’d like to showcase photography not only from my sweet iPhone, but from random strangers I meet. I’ve had a few friends send their writing to me, and in the past I haven’t valued that trust and validation.

Especially as artists I feel that the most important thing is to keep an open-minded, and to never stop accepting new ideas or knowledge. Opportunity is opportunity. 

Ted talks are something close to my soul. I know that probably sounds lame, but I know that they enrich my life or rejuvenate my mind every time I watch one because I never feel like I wasted any time when they’re thru. 



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